Tisha B'Av
is the ninth day of the month of Av, is a day of mourning and fasting when Jewish people commemorate some of the most tragic events of their history, including  the destruction of both First & Second




Dwell in the Land and nourish yorself  with faithfulness. PSALMS (37:3)

   Jerusalem Panorama 


Books To Read

Abraham  -  by Bruce Feller

  From Beirut to Jerusalem  -  by Thomas Friedman

Infidel  -  by Ayan Hersi Ali

Jerusalem  -  by Simon Sebag Montefiore

Jerusalem  -  by Karen Armstrong

  Jerusalem Stone and  Spirit  -  by Marvin Gettleman and Shalom Sabar

Josephus The Essential Works  -  by Paul L. Miller

  One Palestine, Complete  -  by Tom Segev

Rabbi Jesus  -  by Bruce Chilton

Six Days of War  -  by Michael B. Oren 

Taliban  -  by Ahmed Rashad

Terror and Liberalism  -  by Paul Berman

Terroris Hunter  -  by Anonymous

The History of Middle East Wars  -  by John Westwood

The Hunt for The Engineer  -  by Samuel M. Katz

The Man Who Warned America  -  by Murray Weiss

The Missing Peace  -  by Dennis Ross

Walking the Bible  -  by Bruce Feller

  War Without End  -  by Anthon La Guardia


Jerusalem Panorama